The Mind Marks the Beginning of All Possibilities


As cliché as it sounds, you are the only one with enough power to make a change in your life. Though people can come in and out of your life, shaping the person you are, ultimately, you decided whether you let those people destroy you or make you a better person.

I know how it feels to undergo frustration and fear of failure. Usually you let the mind get the best of you. It is important to remember that you are only hurting yourself in the end by letting negative emotions control your life.

Everyday, I want to remind myself to stay positive, because a positive mind brings a positive life. In my blog, I aspire to encourage others to fight for their dreams and live their life fearlessly. Life is not about being successful, but about being happy with who you are and where you are, sharing your joyfulness with others. A positive attitude is contagious! I am not saying everyday will be a great ball of sunshine (trust me I know); those more frustrating days are just there for us to grow and learn, so that the next time that experience happens we will be ready for it and take it on with a new perspective.

As I am being inspired everyday, I hope you are too! Have the courage to be free from expectations, doubt, insecurities, rejection, obligations and negativity. The only one that can set you free is you!


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